Welcome to the Offices of the Region One Staff! Here, you will find information on the staff, as well as information and links to each of the staff departments. 

R/1 Regional Coordinator/Promotions
Adm Ruth Lane
2951 Pitt Road
Akron, OH 44312

Senior VRC, Chapter Operations
Adm Darlene Harper
4456 Collingdale Road
Columbus, OH 43231

VRC of Program Operations
Rear Admiral Scott Gibson
P.O. Box 5207
High Point, NC 27262

Space Camp Coordinator
Adm Darlene Harper
4456 Collingdale Road
Columbus, OH 43231

Director Shuttles Operations
Admiral Roger Scritchfield
500 17th Street, NW
Barberton, OH 44203

Regional Awards Program
Rear Admiral Pamela Michaud
7026 Julia Street
Columbia, SC 29209

       Deputy Awards Director
       Dennis Rayburn

R1 Historian
Admiral Warren Price
315 Highway 220
Cedar Grove, TN 38321


Rear Admiral Barry Jackson (Senior Treasurer)
6723 Market Street Ext
Washington, NC 27889


Publication Officer
Oliver Kling

Retention & Recruiting Officer
Fleet Captain Michael Lewis


R1 Relief Fund Region One's Relief Fund has direct oversight of all aspects of the Region One Relief Fund along with the Regional Coordinator. They will also consult with the Region One treasurers pertaining to the R1 HQ's Relief Fund.

Relief Fund Coordinator
Admiral Warren Price

Regional Division Chiefs

The Regional Division Chiefs (RDCs) serve as a resource for the various Department Heads within the chapters of STARFLEET Region One. RDCs maintain lists, newsletters for their departments, contact lists with department heads .

For more information, contact the Regional Division Chiefs or the RDC Program Director.

RDC Program Page

RDC Program Director
Commondore Ron Novak

Commodore John Hoppa

Computer Operations
Kevin Plummer

Fleet Captain Alan Provo

RAdm Barbara Lariscy

Admiral Jason Schreck


Health Sciences and Medical
David Oliver Kling

Logos and Graphics

Commodore Scott Osborne

Paranormal Sciences
Commodore Jill Tipton

Admiral Richard Heim 

Lt General Larry Neigut

Star Crafters
Commodore Janice Graham


Chapter Care Panel

The Chapter Care Program consists of five members and is there to help the chapters. It is a one-stop place to get answers to questions, to get help for problems and mediation, or just wanting help planning a fun event.

RAdm Barbara Lariscy
P. O. Box 6792
Augusta, GA 30916

Rear Admiral Pamela Michaud
P.O. Box 10016
Columbia, SC 29207


OIC of the First Brigade -- STARFLEET Marine Corps

Major General Rey Cordero

Last Updated: 9/2/2018