R1 Spring Summit Guidelines

Summit Date

Since this is to be a Spring event for the region, it is recommended that a date be chosen that falls within the Spring months (April, May or June).

Bid Location

The Bid location must be located within boundaries of Region One or within a reasonable distance thereof. Any bid location should be easily accessible to the driving public and also have areas of interest to non-fleet family members. (Museums, Theme Parks, Shopping Malls, etc.)

Bid Hotel

* The Bid Hotel should be clean, neat, reasonably priced and have a sufficient number of rooms to allow all summit attendees to stay at the bid hotel. Estimates of the number of hotel rooms needed should be based on the previous year's hotel room use and other appropriate factors. Also be mindful of Handicapped Access for some of our members.
* Regional Coordinator's Attendance: As is custom and tradition, the Regional Coordinator's summit membership and banquet are complimentary. This does not necessarily include the Regional Coordinator's spouse or significant other (That is up to the group sponsoring the Summit). However, the Regional Coordinator should receive a complimentary hotel room, which would include the Regional Coordinator's spouse or significant other.
* Meeting Space: There should be sufficient meeting space to hold all summit attendees based on projections from the last year's summit attendance and other appropriate factors. General meetings will be held theater style.
* Panel / Breakout Rooms: There should be sufficient breakout rooms to host 9 to 12 panels or meetings throughout the weekend.


The banquet should be reasonably priced and within a reasonable distance of the summit hotel, if not at the hotel. The banquet facility should be able to accommodate any reasonable dietary request, such as (but not limited to) vegetarian and kosher dishes. Banquet tickets should be sold separately to allow non-fleet family members to at least attend the banquet without having to pay for a summit membership that they may not use.

Bid Package

* The proposal that is submitted should contain information regarding all of the subjects above.
* A signed letter of intent from the hotel should also be included as well as an outline of the schedule of events. (Without this your bid will not be accepted. Also, please do NOT pay for anything from the hotel, until after the bidding is finished and you know for sure you have won, unless it is understood by the hotel that you will get your money back if you do not win the bid. This is totally up to you as the bidder to handle. The Region will not be responsible for any money you loose because you did NOT win the bid.)
* The bid package should be submitted to the Regional Coordinator by the deadline date.
* If your bid is chosen, a final draft of the schedule of events should be submitted to the Regional Coordinator one month before the summit for review and approval. [Note the General Session on Saturday will be handled by the RC and regional officers with input from anyone, but the Summit Committee will be responsible for planning and handling the Friday Opening Ceremonies and the Sunday General Session with input from regional officers
as needed.]

* The Region is NOT responsible for paying for the summit. Be sure you are able to cover any losses you might possibly occur.

Deadline for bids

* For the following year's Summit, bids are due by January 31. That means to put in a bid for the 2017 Summit, you must get the bid package to the RC by January 31, 2016.

A few additional notes

*Fleet now requires you that you have event insurance for these functions. Also you will have pay taxes on the summit to the state you have the event in. Depending on the state, you may have to PAY taxes on any auction sales, banquets, registrations, merchadise sold and other possible items. You will have to work with Fleet CFO to find out what you WILL have to pay taxes on based where the event is held. The Region does NOT pay your taxes to the state for your event.

* The bids will be voted on by the Regional CO's and officers. (After the bids are announced, each committee/ship submitting a valid bid, may send out information about their bid to all CO's and officers in the region at their own expense.) Bids will be announced on the R1-Staff list, in the Regional memo, and during the Online chats.

* If you plan to have a "Star" at your Summit, please submit a letter from the star or his/her manager stating they have agreed to be at the Summit if it is the winning bid. Without this letter you may NOT advertise that you plan to have a guest star at your location.