The following are examples of the criteria that will be used to judge the needs of applicants who wish to receive relief from the Region One Relief Fund.

1. Need of essential medicines not covered by insurance. (Copy of previous prescription receipts necessary).
2. Need for food that cannot be supplied by local assistance organizations.
3. Need for clothing, especially due to fire/flood.
4. Need to pay utilities that cannot be paid by state agencies or local assistance organizations.

The following are examples of emergencies:

1. Fire or other damage to the home.
2. Flood or other natural catastrophe.
3. Eviction from home. (A copy of the eviction notice must accompany the applicant's request).
4. Unexpected illness or injury causing loss ofjob or pay. (Copies of medical bills and type of illness or injury necessary).
5. Robbery or burglary of day to day living expenses. (A copy of the police report must accompany the request).
6. Utilities, i.e. gas/water/electric, where state agencies have refused. (Copy of shutoff notice necessary).
7. Sudden loss of income, such as loss of employment without notice or severance pay. (Copy of notification, employment security commission filing, etc.)

The Relief Fund will not provide relief for the following events:

1. Missed house or rental payments not showing a valid reason, such as income loss or robbery.
2. Insurance payments.
3. Car payments not showing a critical need.
4. Club or organizational dues.
5. Lost vacation money.
6. Moving expenses, except in special circumstances.
7. Furniture payments, credit card payments, etc.
8. Tax payments.
9. Child support payments.
10. Alimony payments.
11. Gambling losses.
12. Travel expenses.
13. Lawyer's fees.
14. Automotive repair, except in special circumstances.

An applicant may apply as many times as necessary until he or she has received help. Once an applicant has received help he or she may not apply again. The Relief Fund is a one time help fund. We cannot send funds to one or two people repeatedly.


The applicant needs to write a letter or email requesting help. In the letter/email, he or she needs to give as many details as possible. A letter or email from the chapter Commanding Officer as an independent source of verification is also a good idea. ALL INFORMATION RECEIVED WILL BE HELD IN STRICTEST CONFIDENCE. NO ONE OUTSIDE THE COMMITTEE WILL KNOW THE NAME OR PERSONAL INFORMATION OF ANY APPLICANT, WHETHER THE REQUEST IS GRANTED OR NOT.

The letter/email must also include:

* The amount requested.
* Proof such as an eviction notice, utilities shutoff notice, etc.
* Copy of police report in event of crime such as robbery or burglary.
* Copies of medical bills not covered by insurance, etc.
* The applicant also needs to provide their SCC number and must be good standing in their chapter and Starfleet. A letter from the chapter Commanding Officer or presence in the Starfleet database will suffice.

The member must be a member in good standing of an R1 correy chapter. The letter or email must be signed by the applicant with full non-persona name and a postal and email address. We cannot make a check out to T'Marr of Vulcan.

The letter or email should be sent to the R1 Treasurers and the RC. (Please see Treasury and Staff pages for addresses.) We will accept an e-mail providing we still get proof of your cause of need. For example, a scan of the eviction notice, utilities shutoff notice, etc. All letters of applicants requesting help will be kept on file for future reference.

When a check is issued, it will be made out to the creditor, not to the applicant, in most cases. If a check is made out to the applicant, it will be limited in amount and only for food, clothing lost due to fire/flood or medicines. For medications, please send a copy of the prescription receipt normally received with picking one up, or a note from the pharmacy of its cost to the applicant. If available, gift cards for a chain grocery may be sent instead.

The decision regarding an application for Relief rests with the Region One Relief Fund Committee and will involve a maximum of $500. The application for relief will be judged on a case by case basis, evaluating the applicant's need and conditions they are currently living in. We cannot replace a member's house, car, furniture, computer or vast sums of money, etc. That falls under insurance claims or their state's Victim of Crimes Fund. The Region One Coordinator has the final authority on any decision this Committee makes.

We are here to help and will do our best to assist you.

The R1RF Committee