Here are the guidelines for hosting the Fall Conference in any year... (See also Guidelines for the Summit for additional information that can be included in your bid. The more information you send in, the better are your chances.)

1. The Fall Conference can be hosted by any ship(s) in the region.
2. If it can be held in conjunction with a Star Trek or Science Fiction convention that is good, but not absolutely necessary.
3. There must be a suitable hotel and possible activities near the hotel for family members of R/1 members who might not be Star Trek fans.

Bids for hosting the Fall Conference should be sent to the Regional Coordinator by August 25 of the year before the Fall Conference. (i.e., if you want to bid for the 2005 Fall Conference, you will need to send in your bid to the RC by August 25, 2004.)

The bid should contain the following:

1. Name of Ship(s) hosting the Fall Conference.
2. Name and location of hotel, and cost of rooms. You will also need to send a copy of the letter of intent from the hotel showing they are willing to have the Fall Conference there. (Please do not sign or pay for anything that you can not get back if your bid does not win. The Region is NOT responsible for any money you loose because of submitting a bid for the Fall Conference).
3. Name of Convention if held in conjunction with a convention (if not held in conjunction with a convention, this is, of course, not needed. <grin>) Here again, we will need a letter from the convention saying that they are willing for us to have our conference in conjunction with their convention. Or if you are planning to create your own convention with quest "stars", you will need to submit a letter from the "star" or his/her manager stating that they are willing to appear at the R/1 Fall Conference if your bid wins. Without this letter you can NOT advertise that you have a "star" appearing as part of your bid.
4. Planned activities for Fall Conference. (Generally of course, we don't expect you to have every detail planned when you place the bid.)
5. Cost of Fall Conference registration.
6. What type of activities are located around the area that family members who aren't R/1 members might enjoy (i.e. amusement parks, museums, movie theaters, miniature golf, etc.)

* The bids will be voted on by the Regional CO's and officers. (After the bids are announced, each committee/ship submitting a valid bid, may send out information about their bid to all CO's and officers in the region at their own expense.) Bids will be announced on the R1-Staff list, in the Regional Ramblings, and during the Online chats.