These documents are supplied to help everyone in the region have access to the
manuals and other forms needed to explain how the region and it's programs work. They are in .pdf format, so you will need Acrobat Reader to view and print them. If you don't have it, it is a free downloadable program from the Adobe website.

First Contact RC Memo Download RC Memo here.
R/1 HQ Staff R/1 HQ Staff List

R1 Handbook

This handbook contains the information about how R/1 runs, what the different offices are, duties of officers, CO's, and members, etc.

R1 RDC Handbook This handbook covers the duties and responsibilities of the RDCs, and RDC Coordinator.
R1 Treasury
Donation Form
This is the form to use if you/your ship or group want to donate money to any Region One project (Relief Fund, Space Camp program, Miles of Dollars, etc.), or for subscriptions to the Channel One newsletter.
R1 Treasury
Expense Claim
This form is only needed if you have a need to be reimbursed from the R/1 treasury for some R/1 activity (i.e., the Awards Director, Channel One editor, RC, etc.). If you aren't sure if your claim can be approved, please contact either one of the treasurers or the Regional Coordinator before submitting an expense claim.
R1 Awards
This handbook contains information on the R1 Awards and Awards Program.

Recruiting Letter  
Recruiting Flyer Outside
Recruiting Flyer Inside
Flyer Instructions  
Channel One Regional Newsletter