Greetings Fellow Trekkers,

Welcome to the Region One Alien Ambassador Corps web site. The Alien Ambassador Corps is the newest addition to the R1 Regional Department Chief program. The AAC deals primarily with those members who are interested in the fictional "alien" aspect of Star Trek. The Alien Ambassador Corps has "Ambassadors" to each race, such as the Klingon Ambassador, Romulan Ambassador and Vulcan Ambassador. These Ambassadors provide a contact point for members of their race. Each Ambassador reports to me (the RDC) on a monthly basis. They relate your concerns, comments, activities and events to me and I, in turn, let the rest of the region know what is going on. Many activities and ideas are published in the Alien ambassador Corps' newsletter the "R1 Ambassador".

Since this is a new department, many of the Region's ships don't yet have a department set up to deal with this aspect of "Trek". We have had several ships to recently name "Diplomatic Chiefs", "Diplomatic Liasons" or "Ambassadors" and several more have plans to do so shortly. No mater what you call your ship's representative, they will report to the AAC on a monthly basis and relate your ships' "alien" activities. Another aspect of the AAC is the fictional one. We will be publishing fictional biographies of our Ambassadors in the newsletter and who knows...maybe our own fictional fanzine dealing with the many "non-human" races of Star Trek.

The Alien Ambassador Corps has it's roots in the Klingon Liason position that was held by Ben Johnson a few years ago. It was quite popular and soon several "other races" contacted Admiral Linda Smith and RAdm Carolyn Donner and asked that they be represented. Thus the Alien Ambassador Corps was born. Ben began work on it but had to stop and eventually I was named as the person to establish the AAC.

The goals of the Alien Ambassador Corps are quite simple. We want to establish a means for Region One's aliens to communicate and promote fellowship. We want to maintain contact with K.A.G, the R.S.E. and many other fan organizations outside Starfleet that deal with our favorite races. We want to provide information. But most of all, we want to have fun. The AAC is new, so our goals and directions are not so set that we won't change directions if need be. We are certainly open to your suggestions. We welcome them.

I hope you enjoy your tour of the Alien Ambassador Corps web site. Remember our motto: "It is a honor to die in war; It is a triumph to live in peace".

Hang Loose and Prosper,

Fleet Captain Eric W. Larkin
Alien Ambassador Corps Founder